Technical demos

Graphics Demo (Tech demo)

Look at some of the visuals that can be achieved with SilverMotion and see some performance statistics of how it runs on your system. Navigate with the buttons on the right and rotate the model by click-dragging with the mouse. These models illustrate just some of SilverMotion's graphics capabilities.

SilverMotion HTC Phone Demo


Look at this shiny mobile phone. This is a 3D model of the HTC Pro 2 mobile device. Click on it and drag to rotate to see it from every possible angle or click the Slide button to open or close the slider.

SilverMotion Skins Demo

Skins demo

Customly change the colors of different parts of your model. Click on a part of this standard usb flash drive and then select its color from the palette. You can click on the flash drive and then drag to rotate it or the click the Open/Close button to see it in different conditions.

SilverMotion Paint Demo

Paint 3D

Paint over a 3d model with your mouse. Click over the frog and drag to paint over it with an ever changing color. Click on empty space and drag to rotate the frog to see the results of your creation.

SilverMotion Tile Game Demo

Tile Game

A simple tile game demo. Click one of the tiles next to the emty space to move it. Can you arrange the image, once you have messed it up well enough? Click and drag to rotate and convince yourself there's nothing up the sleeve ;)

SilverMotion Shader Builder Demo

Shader Builder

Build your custom shaders with SilverMotion. Have direct access to SilverMotion's unique shading system. Add shading layers by selecting the shader, its color operation and texture (for TextureShaders) in the upper three combo boxes and click the New button. You can also modify the shaders parameters after that or delete a specific shader layer.
Use the Presets combo box to see some predefined presets and maybe use them for the base of your own shaders. This demo is great for real time visual test of custom shaders that you can incorporate into your applications, although in this application you can't manipulate many of the additional properties that the different shaders have.

SilverMotion Robot Demo

Robot Demo

This loveable little bot is powered by SilverMotion's keyframe animation capabilities. You can manually track the animation with the slider or play it automatically while rotating the view to see the scene from different angles. or You can also stop the motion at certain point and move the view as the scene stays still.

SilverMotion Space Simulator

Space Simulator

Use the arrow keys to navigate the ship between lanes and press Space to fire at asteroids and gain additional points as you travel on the space highway. Pass through gates to gain energy and be careful not to crash into an asteroid as the ship's speed gradually increaces. How long can you keep up?
This demo shows SilverMotion's capabilities as a dynamic game engine and is included in the product's sample projects.

SilverMotion 3D Furniture Demo

Furniture Demo

This demo shows rendering furniture with SilverMotion. You can click with the left button and drag to rotate the view or the right button to zoom in and out.
This is a simple example of visualizing furniture with SilverMotion. Possibilities are nearly unlimited, including user-interaction with the objects in the scene (open/close cabinets, lockers and etc, moving/adding modules, picking colors, textures and materials and visualizing the result in real time), and also for example, creating a digital query, based on the preferences, made by the user.