Announcing the Axis engine
We present you the Axis 3D engine by our affiliates Palitri. Take a look at

SilverMotion™ is a real-time 3D rendering environment for the web. Based on the cutting edge Microsoft Silverlight 4 technology, SilverMotion is reliable and requires only a web browser and Microsoft Silverlight in order to run - no additional custom plugins, third-party components, JAVA or Flash required. SilverMotion provides reasonably fast real-time rendering with modern effects like bump mapping, refraction and reflection mapping, cell-shading, multi-texturing, dynamic lighting, keyframe animation, fully dynamical cameras and more.

With its sophisticated rendering engine, SilverMotion utilizes multi-core CPU systems in order to extract the maximum performance of modern hardware. The goal of SilverMotion is to provide an easy to use, functional, compatible, visually appealing and practically applicable real-time 3D environment for the web, ready to cover any need.

Application Development
PostVision is a company oriented mainly in the fields of software development for Microsoft Silverlight and .NET technologies and as we are evolving our product for interactive 3D applications - SilverMotion, we are also offering development of custom SilverMotion applications. This way we are extending its full potential for our customers.
3D Modelling
3D Modelling is a service, provided for SilverMotion customers. We offer creating on-demand client-defined 3d models. Your query will be examined and in case of more complex specs, we will let you choose the most suitable model from a set of options regarding quality and price. After the order has been negotiated and accepted, a model complying the specification will be created in the agreed time and actual pictures of it inside SilverMotion will be sent to you for your approval before closing the deal and sending you the final model.
About PostVision
PostVision Ltd. is a software development company oriented mainly in the fields of Microsoft .NET technologies, Silverlight applications, developing components and interactive graphics. Aimed at delivering both practical and professional products and services, we follow a simple formula for achieving this goal by looking through our customers' perspective, seeking the best from a variety of solutions. As software developers, we are most satisfied to have our clients pleased with the products and services we provide and we are constantly working to improve our own designs and engineering.