3D Modelling

3D Modelling is a service, provided for SilverMotion customers. We offer creating on-demand client-defined 3d models. Please send your definitions/specifications or questions on the matter to via the e-mail used for purchasing SilverMotion and you will be answered shortly.
Your query will be examined and in case of more complex specs, we will let you choose the most suitable model for you from a set of options regarding quality and price. Please, be aware that a custom-made model in the most cases will cost more than a corresponding stock model.
After the order has been negotiated and accepted, a model complying the specification will be created in the agreed time. We will send you actual pictures of it inside SilverMotion for your approval before closing the deal and sending you the final model.

A specification may include

  • written description
  • sketches / drawings
  • some structural information of the entity
  • a blueprint, if the model should obey specific measures
  • anything else that can be of use

If the ordered model is targeting an actual physical entity, specification may also include

  • pictures of the entity, taken from different angles (at least from top, bottom, left, right, front and back)
  • in case of animation - pictures of the entity in its different animation states (keyframes)
  • quality hi-resolution pictures of separate parts of the entity to be used for texturing, taken in soft ambient lighting, or, if possible - scanned. Please note, that the quality of the textures is essential to the appearance of the rendered result.
  • a miniature of the entity send by mail or an actual specimen of the entity send by mail

Developing client-specified SilverMotion applications

We accept commissions for programming client defined applications with SilverMotion. If you wish to order such an application, please send us some raw specifications explaining with a few words the essence of the project and whether you already have the required resources (3D models in particular), or if they are yet to be made for you by us or a third party. You will be answered shortly and if we can accept the order we will furtherly discuss with you the order specifications in detail, the estimated time for carrying it out and the price. You may send your commissions to